Outside of work I’m a husband and dad of two amazing boys, who make me question everything pretty much every day - I love how they think and how creative they can be, they’re too clever by far.

I love being outdoors, ideally in snowy mountains with my friends, snowboarding together and having fun.

Cooking lets me feel creative with a different part of my brain. I’ve not killed anybody with the results (a plus point in my book), but there is always time! I do also enjoy drinking carefully crafted beer, although not while operating heavy machinery - safety first!

Keeping my heart pumping and lungs working is important to me when spending so much time each day sitting in front of a Mac, drinking espresso. To balance this yin with some much needed yang, I’m trying to get more serious about my running - I’m no ultra runner for sure, but can manage 10 miles on a good day. It's ideal thinking time, a great stress reducer and all round happy drug. You should try it.

Music is a long time love, from attempting to create it (mixed results), to obsessively collecting it. Tastes are eclectic to say the least with favourites being the minimal techno of Detroit and Berlin to the noisy guitars of New York and Seattle via the electronic bleeps of Sheffield. Occasionally the mellow pop of Scandinavia is just what I need. Music, like food should fit the mood. If I've just woken up, then it pretty much has to be Radio 4. Calm and intelligent, compared to the alternatives, it keeps you grounded in reality.

I’m also interested in photography which has been something I get to practice less in my day job more recently. However the pull is still there and the ability to shoot whatever I fancy keeps my aesthetic eye in check
…And on that point I’m also an obsessive iPhoneographer - The best camera being the camera you have with you and all. Looking back at a Dropbox full of phone pix, I hope to give a little more depth to this text with the small selection posted above.