James Goldsworthy

One day this website will get the update it deserves - What was the saying about the cobblers children?

Anyway, being as you've come here for information about James here's something from his LinkedIn profileā€¦ A highly skilled digital designer (IxD, UX, whatever the label), designing products & services that have real meaning for their users and huge business value to the organisations that own them.

Providing digital leadership at every level of business, James enjoys guiding fledgling ideas into executable projects, campaigns, products and services.

James is a real people person, who loves building highly engaged and driven teams. He thrives on tackling the most difficult design problems and is as happy at 20,000ft as he is buried in the most minute pixel level detail.

He is completely serious about his work (go on ask him about it), he is less serious about himself. He loves technology when it makes human interaction richer, everyday objects smarter or makes complicated stuff feel simple. Worryingly he wrote this summary in the third person to make himself seem more important. What is that about?

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